Unique long distance touch bracelet gift for Valentine's Day

No matter how far apart they are, just touching the jewelry will let each other know how much they think about each other.

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They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and it’s true that long-distance relationships aren’t easy. Whether you are often very far apart or just spending a day alone in a different place, this bracelet will make you feel like the other person is close by.

Design inspiration: from the classic allegory of mountains and seas merging in the ancient Chinese mythological traditional “The Book of Songs.” The designer also used simple three-dimensional lines to outline the fascinating shape of “mountain” and “sea.” It symbolizes indestructible and eternal love and the unbreakable connection even in a relationship.

Valentine's Day bracelet unique gift

Romantic Gift: You will receive 2 long touch bracelets in the package. Long-touch bracelets reduce the relationship between two people’s minds. They are rechargeable to be easily worn every day – even in the shower or swimming pool: they are waterproof. Distance touch bracelets are specially designed for wives, husbands, best friends, and lovers. A sweet gift for anniversary, Christmas, engagement, birthday, Valentine‘s day, thanksgiving, mother’s day, and wedding, perfect for everyday wear and any occasion.

The Long Distance Touch Bracelet allows you to feel your loved one's touch, wherever they may be.

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I received these as a gift, and I am so in love with them. We got long-distance touch bracelets for our anniversary, and we adore them. They arrived in a beautiful package, cheap price, very well made with exquisite details!
Jason Martin
The bracelets are a well-made, beautiful set. They arrived in a lovely package. I love the idea of being able to express my feelings to my loved ones without having to speak a word. Great gifts for Valentine's Day or anniversaries!
Barbara Smith
I received these as a gift and I like them. We received the long touch bracelets for our anniversary and we love them. They're high quality, well made, and rich in detail! They were also packaged very well.
Mark Sommers


How does the bracelet work? The bracelet uses clever sensors to detect when you touch the bracelet. This touch is sent to your smartphone and bracelet APP via the Bluetooth module, and then the touch signal is sent to the other couple’s connected phone and bracelet via the internet.

It can ship to 2 different addresses! You need to create two orders, one to send to yourself and one to send to your lover’s address.

Whether you’re often miles apart or just spending the day in a different place, a touch bracelet from a distance can make you feel close. Download the Connected Suit app and tap your bracelet to send a love signal to your lover.

The long-distance touch bracelets are the first wearable device that mimics human touch by gently squeezing it. You can feel the distance of your loved ones no matter where they are.

The Distance Touch Bracelet is the perfect gadget for expressing love from a distance. It will keep you connected with your partner and make you realize how much you are loved. It doesn’t vibrate or buzz, but it has a soft touch that makes it great.

This bracelet does not vibrate but emits a soft light like moonlight or the sun, representing the boundless and tender love of the other half.

Long distance touch bracelets are waterproof, so you can even wear it in the shower.

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