c&l love bracelets – Let the other person with the bracelet know you’re thinking of them

We provide a creative piece of c&l love bracelets (2 bracelets set) that can be used to decorate and remind another person wearing a bracelet. These love bracelets will notify your loved ones/lovers, and friends every time you touch and light up your c&l love bracelets.

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Are you far apart from your loved one?

For example, if you’re in Florida and your loved one is in Washington when you light up your bracelet, their bracelet lights up too, letting them know you’re missing them right now!

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just away on a business trip for a few days, you can remind your loved ones anytime, anywhere, and let them know that they’re always on your mind. These are also great for family members, just like your kids are moving out for college!

How does the c&l love bracelets work?

When a person touches their bracelet, which connects to the phone’s Bluetooth, the app triggers the other bracelet to light up. As long as you are both close to your phone (with wifi or mobile signal) and the app is running in the background, the bracelet will work no matter how far apart you are!

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  1. Very nice item. I ordered it for my boyfriend and he REALLY loves it. It’s a very beautiful and well made watch. The app is easy to download and use too!!

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