How Do You Choose The Best Friendship Touch Bracelets?

In times like these, we are more divided than ever, and when you or your best friend is gone, a well-prepared gift can bring friendships to friends who are long distance.
We think a long-distance friendship bracelet is a meaningful gift as it helps you celebrate and keep you and your friends and besties connected and closer.
Whether you want to remember a specific location, reminisce about things your friends did together, or just let them know you’ll always be thinking of them, there’s an option to help you honor your connection. You might consider helping yourself and your “friendship.”
Even though we often carry our phones with us, sometimes texting is inconvenient. Trying to fall asleep but want to let your friends know you miss them? Don’t pick up your blinding phone. Just tap your best friend electronic friendship bracelet!

How do the friendship bracelet work?

We designed the friendship bracelet to connect to the phone via Bluetooth. As long as your mobile phone has wifi or a mobile network, touch and light up the bracelet anytime, anywhere, and the other party will receive the message you sent, and you will know that you are missing each other now.

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